Here are some things you should know before booking me.

Secular songs that are not in harmony with my world view are not an option for me.

If you’re aquainted with my music, then you know that I am a Christian artist. Everything I do including the music I write and perform is for the glory of god. I left off performing secular music with no regrets and no plans to return. this is why I only do music that is in harmony
with a biblical world view.

My music is my full time income.

This is not something I do in my pass time. I expect to be compensated for the services I provide. However, I don’t have a set fee, because some organisations can do more and some can’t do as much. As a result my fee is determined by the size of the congregation if you’re a church and the purpose of the request if you’re a concert promoter. when we find an amount that we can agree upon, a contract will be emailed to you with the agreed upon amount written in. If you’re organizing a concert or event that will be held outside of your church or if you’re planning to sell tickets, then half of the agreed upon amount will be required before I perform.


I do all kinds of events, from church programs, to weddings, fundraisers and everything inbetween. The only exception is that I do not perform at any events or places where alcohol is served.

Travel and Accommodation

Because I am blind, I travel with an assistant. I will need you to provide travel and accommodation for two. If you would rather not provide transportation after my arrival , I will need to be reimbursed for any expenses associated with getting to my hotel, to and from your event and back to the airport.

My CD’s

since my music is not available in stores, I will need permission to sell my CD’s after your event. The only
exception are weddings.

Pictures and Bio

I usually leave it up to you to create your own fliers and posters as every event is different . If you need to create fliers or posters to promote your event, you can download them here.
(a short bio)

Pictures for your flier


Artist will need the following technical equipment: