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  1. Beautiful song and special voice let GOD use you young man

  2. Neville is such an amazing and gifted artist. I remember hearing him sing back in the 90’s at Perrine SDA church in Miami, Florida. So many young & old Christians have been blessed with his talent from above. Neville is such an inspiration to me. My favorite Neville Peter song is “Personal.”He performed this song at a concert at my church, Bethel SDA Florida City, Florida. I, Valdemar Duane Krigger, wiill never forge the message Neville delivered to me and all attending the concert. Before he sang his song Personal he asked the entire congregation to pray for him. He stated that it was his desire for the past few years to only sing for God. He told us it wasn’t easy making the decision to stop singing Jazz, performing with celebrities, or for large crowds. He continued. by saying instead he now was singing at our small church way deep in Florida City. Neville understood the work he would receive could be limited by his faith to do God’s will. I prayed that day for him to be as successful as God would allow him. I’m so glad to have seen the success Neville has gained. Thank you Neville for sharing your talent with the world. Keep making God simile and giving us Christian something to pop in our cd players #V.I. #God’sSoilder

  3. I am amazed how you let the Lord use you despite your challenges…keep singing for Jesus

  4. Neville recently performed at our hospital in Deland and it was the most inspirational performance. We do everything in our daily lives as unto God. You are very blessed and talented, and you have not allowed your circumstances to be obstacles but blessings. May God continue To bless you

    • It was a great pleasure for me to minister at your hospital. I’m delighted that God saw fit to use me to be a blessing to you and your staff. God bless you sister!

  5. I’ve seen your testimony on “pureflix”. I’ve heard your music and seen video’s that you’ve put out. You sir are FAR from being blind. You see things quite perfectly. ( 2 Corinthians 5:7 ) May God bless you and keep you in all your endeavors.

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