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Sometimes I run into people that tell me they wish they had a voice like mine. I am glad that my voice is pleasant to most ears, but the truth is that there are other singers who are much better than me. Of course, this is just my opinion, but I am glad that God doesn’t judge our praise on how well we can sing or any of our musical abilities or lack there of. If he did, many would never have the joy of knowing that God is pleased when they praise him. In the late 1990’s a very popular Urban Gospel song asked the question, “what if God is unhappy with our praise?”

God doesn’t show favoritism with his people. God tells us in the bible that he is very selective about the kind of praise he will accept and his standard doesn’t have much to do with music at all. Consider What God says here in Psalms 100:2. “Serve the Lord with gladness.” this verse shows us that God cares more about the motivation behind our praise and worship than how well we sing, play an instrument or how well we inspire others to participate in the worship experience.

If you are a follower of Jesus, you are unique. Most likely, unbelievers will not appreciate or understand you. This is why the Apostle John says in his first epistle that since the world did not appreciate Christ, his followers will be treated the same. (I John 3:1) Serving God does require a sacrifice and yet we are commanded to serve with gladness. Glad service to our Lord in the midst of misunderstanding and ridicule, can only come from a heart of devotion and love. We can be sure that people will notice and tell others when they witness our devotion. In fact, the growth of the early church was a result of this kind of service, so much so, that it is said: “the blood of the martyrs was the seed of the church.”

When we serve the Lord with gladness, it draws attention to him in ways that only he can receive the glory. With their feet in the stocks in a cold Philippian dungeon, after receiving a beating only reserved for criminals, Paul and Silas sang praises to God. No singer would perform after an experience like that, especially since for every singer our body is our instrument. However, this was no ordinary performance, because it was given only to an audience of one. There singing may not have been the best, but it was pleasing to God’s ears and his applause caused an earthquake so great that it set all the prisoners free. Now God had the attention of all who were in jail that night.

Sometimes I wonder what there voices may have sounded like. Considering the circumstances, their singing may have sounded more like noise than music. We have all been given different talents. You may not be able to play skillfully on a musical instrument. You may not be able to sing beautifully, but we are not told to make a joyful song. We are told to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. (Psalms 100:1) This joyful noise may include beautiful music, but most of all it includes the noise of faithfulness.

Join me on this journey as we discover what God is saying to us through music.
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One thought on “Make a Joyful Noise

  1. Many Christians do not know what “worship” means. It is not singing and playing instruments; though that is a small part; it is everything we do to worship Him. Believe it or not tithing is part of worshiping God as well as communion, preaching and teaching, discipleship, giving, prayer, praise, sacrifice, servanthood, …and on and on. It is what we do when we are truly giving our hearts to Him.
    It is my opinion that placing individuals on stage to lead the congregation in singing to the Lord is not always a more perfect way, since pride can flourish in the hearts and minds of men, especially with young Christians. I’m not trying to be a legalist, but we so quickly make idols out of talent. Musicians for God should always be aware of the tactics of the enemy. I was a professional musician for 40 years, so I am very aware of the “pitfalls” of a well-meaning ministry.
    Without the entire body of Christ, directed by the Holy Spirit, the tapestry by the “Grand Weaver” is not complete. Sometimes the Lord gives us a talent only to see what we will do with it. Will we serve Him or ourselves? What if He gives the gift for you alone to worship Him? We are so limited in our knowledge of His ways; so very surface. It requires giving ourselves completely to Him and everything that we possess, to start on that journey. I pray for everyone to experience their true purpose for God; be it noble or ignoble.

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